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This chapter comprehensively emphasizes the effect of nanofillers nanoclays, nanotubes, and graphenes on the material properties of polymer matrices, including structure and modification of nanofillers, preparation techniques, and some suitable examples. Nowadays, the nanofiller-reinforced high-performance polymer nanocomposites have gained tremendous focus to the academia and industries due to substantial increase in overall material properties by the addition of very small amount of nanofillers.

The performance properties of the polymer matrices are significantly improved by the incorporation of nanoparticles having high aspect ratio and extremely high active surface area. Specifically, both physical and mechanical properties of the polymer nanocomposites particularly depend on the chemical structure of the nanofillers, strong interfacial interactions between polymer and nanofillers, strong affinity of nanofillers for the polymer matrices, nature of dispersion of the nanofillers within the polymer matrices, and the method of preparation of polymer nanocomposites.

The homogeneous dispersion of nanofillers throughout polymer matrix, achieved by eco-friendly, industrially viable, and cost-effective melt blending technique, greatly enhances its properties.

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This chapter provides an overview on the carbon nanofillers such as carbon nanotube CNT and graphene-based polymer nanocomposites for electronics, dielectrics, and microwave applications. The carbon-based nanofillers such as CNT and graphene are having sp 2 -hybridized C-atoms arranged in three-dimensional and two-dimensional lattice manner, respectively. These nanofillers exhibit exceptional thermal, mechanical, and dielectric properties.

The carbon nanofillers create interconnected conductive networks in the insulating polymer matrix, and that enables the polymer nanocomposites a potential multifunctional material for various use in dielectric, electronic, and microwave fields. The applications of carbon nanofiller-based polymer nanocomposites in capacitor, super capacitor, sensor, and dielectric field have been described in this chapter briefly. Polymer nanocomposites are revolutionizing the world of structure and construction nowadays.

Since long time unreinforced polymer composites are being used in the construction industry in non-load-bearing applications such as trimmings, kitchenware, cladding, etc. In the last decade, polymer nanocomposites continue to rise into the construction industry for load-bearing applications all over the world due to its reinforcing ability. Potential advantages of polymer nanocomposite PNC are high specific strength and stiffness, durability, good fatigue performance, versatile fabrication, and lower maintenance costs, and these win the attention of structure and construction engineers.

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PNCs are being explored in applications such as alternative reinforcement for concrete, rehabilitation and retrofit and, in rare cases, entire fiber composite structures. In CFRP polymer matrix and reinforcing fiber interact with each other and provide excellent properties, where fiber supports in strengthening and stiffening the structure, whereas matrix binds the fibers together and transfers the stress from one fiber to another.

It is also possible to introduce the fibers in the polymer matrix in a certain position, direction, and volume to obtain the maximum reinforcement efficiency. In this chapter development of advanced CFRP materials and their uses in civil engineering applications will be discussed.

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  • Polymer-based nanocomposites have emerged as a new class of hybrid materials which find many promising bioapplications, ranging from tissue engineering, drug delivery, to various biotechnological applications. The fundamental understanding of structure, properties, polymer—matrix interaction and further modifications based on fundamental requirements are essential for their designing and development. Additionally, the control over physical and chemical properties along with assessment of biological interactions is instrumental for their potential applications.

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    This chapter discusses emerging biomedical and biotechnological applications of polymer-based nanocomposites. Nanotechnology is considered to play a key role in shaping current environmental engineering and science in this twenty-first century. The way the nanoscale science research is progressing in the development and use of novel and cost-effective technologies for adsorptive removal, catalytic degradation, and detection of contaminants as well as other environmental concerns is praiseworthy.

    Polymer nanocomposites PNCs , which incorporate advantages of both nanoparticles and polymers, have received increasing attention in both academia and industry.

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    They present outstanding mechanical properties and compatibility owing to their polymer matrix, the unique physical and chemical properties caused by the unusually large surface area to volume ratios, and high interfacial reactivity of the nanofillers. In addition, the composites provide an effective approach to overcome the bottleneck problems of nanoparticles in practice such as separation and reuse.

    This chapter gives an overview of PNCs for environment application. A brief summary of the fabrication methods of PNCs is provided, and recent advances on the application of PNC materials for treatment of contaminants, pollutant sensing and detection, and green chemistry are highlighted. In addition, it also offers a comprehensive discussion on the research trends and prospective in the coming future.

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    This chapter provides an overview on the clay- and carbon-based polymer nanocomposites for fuel cell FC , Li-ion battery, and supercapacitor SC applications. Fuel cell is responsible for conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, whereas Li-ion battery and supercapacitor are mainly responsible for energy storage applications. No book contours do not equal. The problems are functional resources between postures, and think above 3D to delete for reasons.

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