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Oh, best not go there.

There is frequent back-and-forth between scenes and people in a storyline that is easy to follow but that moves around through time and place. We revisit the scene from the prologue in chapter thirty-seven, only this time, with a lot more context. The narrative continues with this fast pace which makes the experience of reading Sophie's Turn really captivating. Nevermind the great hook and the joy of watching it all unravel - when a story tosses you head over tea kettle smack-dab in the middle of the action, you have no choice but to stand up, dust off your britches and say, "Okay. Rock on.

Let's read this thing. Aug 08, Georgina rated it it was amazing. Nicky kindly sent me an e-book copy of her novel. Have you ever dreamed of being engaged to a man you have lusted after for many years who is also the lead singer of your all time favourite band? Dan the lead singer of Tusk has just proposed to her and she is over the moon. Once you start devouring the pages you will come to realise how Sophie has managed to land herself in this unlikely situation and along the way you will begin to not only fall in love with her but also perhaps envy her just a little bit.

Not only do we come to realise that she has a conscience she also has many elements to her that we can all relate to. The first looks at how Sophie managed to become engaged to two men at one time; reliable dependable Tim and roguish handsome Dan.

'Someday' - Sophie's Story

The second looks at the progression of both of her relationships with both men, with the third leading us to how Sophie manages to get herself out of her predicament and the decisions she comes to make. I loved the humour injected into this novel with the moment of Tim de-slugging his garden having me laughing out loud, leaving me receiving many strange looks from people around me. I also was thrilled to notice some British elements thrown in, resulting in much nostalgia for me with the mention of scotch eggs and sausage rolls, as I am originally from England and miss many of these elements about Britain.

Will Sophie choose Tim or Dan? Aug 18, Rea Cobb rated it really liked it. I love the look of the cover of this book and I think it is the ideal cover for this book. Plot Slapper, Slut, Adulteress. This is hardly the words that Sophie Penhalligan would normally use to describe herself.

Aged nineteen, she travelled halfway across the country to honour an invitation by her favourite rock band, Tusk, to join them for the last gig of their tour. And now her past is coming to tempt her Sophie now twenty-eight and a budding newspaper journalist, is happily embroiled in a relationship with Tim, her boyfriend of two years.

Until recently, she was confident that Tim would eventually propose- probably as soon as he could get his act together. What is she to do now? I am not a fan of people who have affairs and I can never take to characters in stories who are having affairs. The novel flows at a comfortable pace without having any dull or low points where you usually feel like skimming the pages. I found the storyline felt very realistic and the characters are developed so well we feel as if we really know each character.

I had to contact the author as I was a little spooked at one point in the book as something that happens to Sophie happened to me which was very strange to read and made the book feel more realistic to me. I would defiantly recommend this book. I feel as though Nicky has a style of writing which makes it easy to read and also using more realistic scenarios which makes the books easier to relate to and enjoy.

I found there were also some lovely humorous touches in this novel which were not predictable. Sep 15, Crystal rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-review , , ebook-kindle , read-sep I'm not sure what I expected from Sophie's Turn, but I got so much more than I expected from the book. I received entertainment for an afternoon an evening. I was taken to a world that was different from my own.

See a Problem?

But I also watched a woman deal with her issues by first not dealing with them and then tackling them. I watched a romance bloom. I toured with a band around Europe and stayed at 5-star hotels. And I enjoyed every minute. Wells knows how to write a story that fully immerses you in th I'm not sure what I expected from Sophie's Turn, but I got so much more than I expected from the book. Wells knows how to write a story that fully immerses you in the experience of her characters and makes it very enjoyable. Sophie was a great character. She is funny, witty, has a great best friend, a good boyfriend and a good life, so why are memories of a night spent with a band ten years ago coming back to her?

And then the happenstance meeting with one of those band members in an airport that lands the band back in her life. Is it what she wants and will it turn her life upside down? Well of course the book needs some tension and conflict to proceed and this has it. But it also has great friends, romance, heartfelt insight, tender moments with parents and so much more. Sophie has a whole range of emotions and she goes through all of them. But not on a whim. Sophie is not a silly girl that you just want to slap, at least I didn't.

Good Grief

I felt that she had a reason for each thing she did and each time she went through a range of emotions she had good reason. I just loved her, she was so real. She battled decision-making. Nothing was easy for her. Every time she thought it was, something else came up and showed her something else. Rachel also made a great supporting character and best friend.

Rachel just wants the best for Sophie and she wasn't one of those mean girl friends that you get in some books. She honestly had Sophie's best interests at heart through the whole book. I loved her and I'm interested to see more of her in the next book. Tim, I'm not sure I can say I liked him, but he serves his purpose.

Dan, now Dan is the man that could make me want the rock star fantasy again even though I'm pretty sure I got over that as a teenager. Dan is hot, he's sweet and he's the whole package. No he's not perfect, but his good seems to make up for the bad. I also can't wait to see more of him as well. Sophie's Turn was a very hard-to-put-down book.

While the plot was character-driven and I have gone over the characters, the plot move along at a fast pace. The book is divided into sections and nothing is dwelt on too much to make any part of the book drag on. I pretty much flew through the whole thing dying to know what would happen next. Wells has the timing of the book down to the science to keep the reader engaged with the right amount of information, romance and action.

I loved Sophie's Turn and cannot wait for Sophie's Run. Ms Wells expertly weaves a story based around Sophie and decisions she needs to make in her life and the two men in it, without making Sophie into a completely wishy-washy annoying woman. The dialog is witty and fun, the places and scenes keep the story fresh and Sophie herself kept me interested in the book the whole time.

I loved the characters, the plot, the book as a whole. I think Ms. Wells did an excellent job and think that if you enjoy chicklit, romance or a good general fiction book that Sophie's Turn is a great choice for your next book. Oct 02, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. One woman Sophie Penhalligan is a twenty-eight year old London newspaper journalist who has been in a two year relationship with the safe and steady accountant Tim, who has finally proposed to her.

But then along comes a blast from the past when her teen idol and rock star heartthrob Dan Hunter from the band Tusk comes back into her life after ten years and proposes to her too! Sophie accepts both of their proposals and f One woman Sophie accepts both of their proposals and finds herself in a dilemma Sophie's Turn is a sassy fun rockin' romance story that will keep your toes tapping!

Written in a witty and humorous style and told in the first person narrative by Sophie, the reader is drawn into her romance story with two very different men, and the journey she embarks on to make a choice of which one will be the man of her dreams. The story is split into three sections: the first section is a flashback to how Sophie got herself into the dilemma of being engaged to two men at the same time; the second section is about the progression of Sophie's relationships with both men; the third section is about the dilemma and how Sophie gets herself out of the predicament and the decision she makes at the end.

I really enjoyed how the author weaves this romantic tale within the three sections, it flows smoothly and has a nice balance of humor, emotion and romance in the mix, with so many twists and turns that will keep you guessing how it will turn out for Sophie, Tim and Dan. The author has created a great cast of characters who are realistic, engaging and easy for the reader to relate to. You can't help but feel for Sophie, she's a sincere woman who battles with her conscience over the dilemma she finds herself in and agonizes over a decision, come on if you had two men in love with you could you make an easy decision?

Luckily Sophie has a valuable BFF in Rachel who stands by her ready to listen, give advice and provide a shoulder to lean on. Then we have the two men: steady, dependable and anal accountant Tim; and sexy rock star Dan Rich in detail and descriptions of the music scene and European settings, with witty character dialogue and interactions, passionate romance scenes, and a completely unpredictable ending, makes Sophie's Turn one heck of an entertaining read!

This modern day romance will captivate you from the start, keep you rockin' as you turn the pages and leave you wanting more! Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours. Sep 13, Chris Torretta rated it it was amazing. This book is just simply fabulous!

It has all the right bells and whistles. From the prologue on I was immensely entertained! Ahhh… she is by far my favorite charcter. She has her little set of problems. Being engaged to a man that is far from her own version of Prince Charming. And then her version of Prince Charming shows up in her life again! I had to laugh at some of the mistakes she made but in the end she is a marvelous character who just has a rough go at the biggest decision of life. Her friend Rachel is also a darling. Oh no, Rachel does quite the opposite. She reminds Sophie, again and again, that you only live once and although your conscience may yell at you, you might as well have a heck of a fun time while living!

Love this girl! Tim and Dan are the two boyfriends. I do have to say, this was a remarkably easy read and full of flavor and fun! The plot flowed so well, character arcs and all. Even though the ending was well worth the ride! Even better, part two of this fabulous series is scheduled to be published Feb 7, ! Although the above excerpt is awesome, I had to just give a little bit more of Sophie. She really is awesome… Tim looked at me closely, rubbing my hand. O course I knew. I had been waiting for such a long time.

I looked at him expectantly. Tim gave a shaky laugh. I had none forthcoming. How was I supposed to respond? Was he proposing, or was he not? He obliged with a clarification. Inwardly, I screamed. Why tell me? Why tell me such a thing? I was utterly lost for words. Sep 02, Brandee un Conventional Bookworms rated it really liked it. And that's exactly what she's doing.

She's a journalist working for a mediocre paper. She lives in a mediocre flat and is in a mediocre relationship.

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Sophie wasn't always dull. But she's thankful to have her 'wilderness' days behind her. She thinks she's ready for a solid, staid life with her boyfriend, Tim. However, she can't seem to stop daydreaming about a time spent with her rock star crush, Dan Hunter. Dan Hunter is the quintessential rock star. He's gorgeous, gregarious, suave - and he's ready to sweep Sophie off her feet. And he sets about doing everything he can to do just that!

Then there's Tim. Stable, reliable, kind Tim. Tim's ready to make a commitment to Sophie. And he's been constant for the past two years. With two men vying for her affections, Sophie embarks on a soul-search of sorts. And in the process, makes some startling revelations about what she truly wants out of life. What I loved about Sophie's Turn? I loved the passion - Sophie's passion for music, her writing, and for Tuscq, Dan's band. I loved seeing the tight bond of friendship between Sophie and her best friend, Rachel.

I loved the romance between Sophie and Dan. But mostly, I loved watching Sophie have her turn. She begins as a 'soft' and uncertain young woman and blossoms into a more self-aware, self-assured woman. And that was lovely. My only real frustration with the story came from Sophie, though. She made some questionable decisions. Decisions that were potentially hurtful to others. Although, in the end these decisions aided her in her self-discovery, I couldn't help being a little miffed with her about what I felt was her selfishness. Wells has created an engrossing story.

Her writing is vivid and made me feel as thought I was watching the story rather than reading it. This was particularly wonderful for me since the story is set in England, with a few jaunts to Paris, and although I've never been to these places, Ms. Wells painted brilliant images for me.

A very unique rocker love story!! Sophie Penhalligan is in a relationship with Tim Renfrew. Or, she thinks she is. She has a huge problem, though. Dan is completely in the past, though, and Tim is her future. Sophie finds herself playing both sides and with no clue what to do about it. Yet, I found myself caring about her.

It has a nice smooth pace throughout and never drags. The characters were well-developed, and the plot was very unique. So, Sophie is the big cheater. I found her seriously getting on my nerves before she even got close to doing the deed, though. Tim would do something completely amazing like embarassing himself in front a whole restaurant to make Sophie happy. Was Sophie happy? Well, maybe for a minute, but then she was back to daydreaming about Dan.

Of course this just all got much worse. I still found myself encouraging her and rooting her on. I constantly found myself laughing out loud, too. I found Sophie, her bff Rachel, and Dan all amusing. Now Dan, he was quite interesting himself. I saw so much potential, but still so much growing up that needed to be done. I felt in the end Sophie made the right decision, even if I think she lacked some in the remorse department.

I think I surprised myself at how much I liked the book after hating Sophie in the first few chapters!!! Aug 01, Sue rated it really liked it. How many of us have dreamed of being proposed to by a rock star, especially one that we have idolised since our teenage years? Not only did she dream it but it actually happened to her. Dan from rock group Tusk is her dream come true, or is he? There is of course the small matter of her boyfriend Tim who has also proposed to her. Sophie is a fun character who kept me amused and as the story unfolded, I got to know her better and found that there was a lot more to her than first appeared on the surface.

She is a girl with a conscience that she is constantly battling with, trying to justify her actions with varying degrees of success. And, of course, there is Dan the rock God, lead singer of Tusk who Sophie has loved from a far for over ten years. The two worlds of reality and fantasy collide and Sophie is stuck between the two until something far more important happens, the ripple effect of which brings her to a point where she has to face up to the good and the bad and take the right turn in life. I loved the second part of the book and how the relationships between Sophie and Tim and Sophie and Dan developed and evolved.

Part three was just as good, giving rise to some moral dilemmas, making you route for Tim one minute and then Dan the next and made you wonder how you would handle the same situation. The outcome, well what a great ending — not what I expected but totally satisfying. All in all a fab story told in a refreshing way. Aug 26, Vibina Venugopal rated it really liked it. Sophie Penhelligan has a great life. And then eventually does get engaged but then she gets engaged to the rock star Dan too The book opens up with a flashback though a slow runner things got a lot better as I hung on to it Tim is shy, can never really express himself always messes up thin Sophie Penhelligan has a great life.

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Tim is shy, can never really express himself always messes up things and tries hard to make it up to her at times forcing his way , he has a weird obsession with slugs, forgets his rings when he planned to propose later apoligising That is him a cross contrast of Sophie that makes her think something is definitely wrong somewhere All along the way Sophie has been a great fan having a larger crush for Dan the rock star and a member of the famous rockband TUSK..

Dan is portrayed as every girl's dream and luckily for Sophie Dan re-entering her life, did I say re-enter?? Kudos to Wells for bringing out the teenage adrenaline rush in Sophie. But for now she is with Dan too.

See a Problem?

Things take quite a roller coaster ride and before she gets a hang on things everything seems to fall apart.. There is suspense, thrill, adventure around Sophie, never a dull moment with her.. Edinburg mystery was well done too Sophie can get on nerves at times driving you to the edge ,in spite of her smartness she can act real stupid. Sophie keeps pushing her morale benchmark at times getting things right and at times losing it The ending was a quiet unexpected one and I liked Wells for that..

This book is a wonderful for a relaxing read Jul 01, Cerian rated it really liked it. Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog. Every girl well, most girls dreams of being swept off of her feet by the handsome rock star they idolise, but when it happens to Sophie Penhalligan it's not quite as perfect as she'd imagined. Sophie is a journalist, working in London and dating the steady and safe Tim. Things have been a bit lackluster between her and Tim, and Sophie finds herself rediscovering her favourite rock band, Tuscq- along with their alluring lead singer, Dan.

Sophie is surprised by a proposal from Tim, but can't help but have some conflicted feelings towards Dan. Soon, Sophie is whisked away on Tuscq's revival tour. Can her relationship with Tim last when she's with Dan every day? Does she even want it to? Sophie is really relatable and likable, I found that I could really empathise with her situation.

She's fun and throughout the book we follow her journey as she tries to figure out exactly who she is and what she wants. Sophie only really seems to stay with Tim because she is comfortable and wants to settle, though of course she thinks she loves Tim. It was clear that Tim wasn't the one for Sophie though, as often pointed out by her dependable and outrageous best friend, Rachel.

Dan was very much how you imagine a rock star to be- charismatic, delicious and a total ladies man. Sophie is swept into a whirlwind romance with Dan that seems idyllic, but may not be the right relationship for her. I loved the journey Sophie takes throughout the story, she seems to grow into herself more.

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She definitely gains the confidence to make some hard decisions, that may just surprise you. Nicky Wells' writing is perfectly descriptive, you can imagine everything easily and vividly. I loved the parts when they're on tour, especially their time in Paris! There's fun moments, but the story has plenty of ups and downs and keeps your interest without difficulty. The ending was right for Sophie, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else will develop in her life!

Thank you! Aug 21, Louise Graham rated it really liked it. Sophie's Turn is the first novel written by Nicky Wells. Sophie Penhalligan is a year-old journalist living in London. In a committed relationship to Tim, but worried that is doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast - why hasn't Tim proposed yet? An accidental meeting at the Airport of Darren the guitarist of band Tusk. The band she had travelled from Cornwall to Edinburgh to meet and go back stage with almost 10 years previous.

The band that she had an enormous crush on the lead singer Dan, al Sophie's Turn is the first novel written by Nicky Wells. The band that she had an enormous crush on the lead singer Dan, all those years ago. Darren invites her to a session they have coming up. How can Tim every compare to the gorgeous Dan. The old feelings come flooding back to her and when she gets the opportunity to travel with them as an assignment for the newspaper there is no stopping her - after all it is work! With the new excitement of Tim's eventual!

But how come after just a few days things have changed so much! These are hardly words that Sophie Penhalligan would normally use to describe herself. What is she going to do? Who should she really be with? Can Tim compete with the man of her dreams, Rock Star Dan? This is a great book and very easy to read. You start the story half way through and then return back to the past and retrace Sophie's steps when she met the Band and then her relationship with Tim.

There are lots of very funny elements to this book and some great characters. A wonderful friendship between Sophie and her best friend Rachel. Packed full of heated highs but also some very sad lows that might have you reaching for a tissue. Loved the ending Nicky has written a perfect ChickLit book that easily stands up against the others available today in the shops. Thank you so much Nicky for sending me a copy of this novel. Jul 03, Sue rated it it was amazing. I was lucky enough to win this book in a giveaway Most of the romances and rocker books I read are always very dark and filled with steamy sexuality and dirty talk Sophie's Turn is all that and more As many young women have done, Sophie had a crush and fantasized about a boy band and when she gets to spend a magical night with them after a concert, she indulges in a little bit of flirty, harmless fun with the bad boy lead singer Dan and it is something she takes with her into adulthood.

Fast forward 10 years and Sophie is now a reporter and engaged to the kind and sweet but rather stuffy Tim, and when she crosses paths with Dan and his bandmates, her chance to re-live the excitement as an adult this time comes back to cause all sorts of havoc and confusion into her life. Add to that a meddling and at times very annoying best friend Rachel and you have the recipe for some romantic escapades and near disasters that are both funny and emotionally draining to all including the reader. I found myself really feeling sorry for Sophie more so than Dan or Tim and what she goes through and her ultimate decision is so relatable to me that I cheered her when she made her final choice and am SO looking forward to diving into the next book of the series.

This book contains no explicit sex or vulgar language, merely discreet descriptions that leave more to the imagination but are filled with innuendo and foreplay. Nov 29, Lindsay rated it liked it Shelves: romantice. She has been with her accountant boyfriend Tim for two years, and is hoping for their relationship to progress. The story is told in the present day, interspersed with flashbacks early in the novel, in which Sophie recalls an adventure in Edinburgh from her younger days involving a rock band she adored, called Tusk, and her encouter with the lead singer Dan.

Back in the present, a chance meeting with ex-Tuscq band member Darren at the airport sees Sophie learning that the band is now planning a comeback. When Sophie meets all the band once again, she realises on seeing Dan that her feelings for him are still strong, and this causes her to question seriously how she really feels about her relationship with Tim. Sophie feels that Tim 'was the best man any girl could ever wish for' and yet she has to admit to having a 'persistent weakness' for Dan.

Nicky Wells has written an enjoyable, light romantic novel with some entertaining comedy moments, and she has created a palpable chemistry between Sophie and Dan! The first person narrative throughout means we are inside Sophie's head and in the midst of the confusion as to how she feels. At the worst point, she feels her life has become 'a tale of deception and lies. Sophie has colleague and best friend Rachel to share the agonies and indecision of her love life with, and there is some lovely banter between the two friends.

As Sophie spends time with the band on their comeback tour, she falls for the glamour and excitement of the lifestyle, 'the buzz before a gig, the exhilaration afterwards. She has to face up to how she really feels, and decide what will make her happy. The good news is that author Nicky Wells has decided this isn't the end for Sophie and we can look forward to more rock star romance and adventures very soon! Sep 13, Cocktails and Books rated it liked it. Sophie and Tim met at a charity event and for two years seemed to be on the road to matrimony.

But on the night of their two year anniversary the dynamics of their relationship changes and it causes Sophie to start questioning why she thought they were such a fit for one another. Then the focal point of her teenage crush, Dan the lead singer of Tusk, enter life and turns things upside down. Will Sophie choose Dan, the man she's loved for the past two years or the man who was the star of her girl Sophie and Tim met at a charity event and for two years seemed to be on the road to matrimony.

Will Sophie choose Dan, the man she's loved for the past two years or the man who was the star of her girlhood dreams? I thought the premise of this book was great. Who wouldn't love to suddenly finding your girlhood crush interested in you? As Sophie's story unfolded I found myself not understanding or connecting with Sophie and questioning every choice she made after her ill-fated trip to Paris with Tim. While I could understand her questioning her relationship with Tim, what I couldn't is why she would stay with him when he had so many marks in the "Con" column.

He didn't really seem to have any endearing qualities to him that would have me making excuses to stay with him. Everything seemed to be about him and his wants and never about what they both might want or even what Sophie wanted. I could see why Dan would appeal to her and why she would grasp onto a relationship where she at least felt like the center of the man's world. But dump the first deadbeat before you move onto someone else!!! I did like Dan in that lovable aged rocker who doesn't want to grow up kind of way.

He was a big kid that didn't really know how to give up his rock star ways, even when he finally found the one woman that has ever understood the real "Dan". If I were Sophie, I'd be prepared for Dan to work on his "burger addiction" and prove he can be the man she wants and needs. I did feel myself softening towards Sophie after she made some tough choices about what she wanted out of her life. But when it comes to the relationship between generations, unbridled lawlessness still reigns. Everyone has the right to practise their beliefs, and everyone has the right to hope that our planet can be saved.

But that does not guarantee that there will be a new heaven and a new earth awaiting us. It is unlikely that supernatural forces will bring about a Judgement Day. But it is inevitable that we will be judged by our descendants. Climate change comes down to greed. The destruction of biodiversity comes down to greed. But greed does not trouble the greedy. History is our witness.

But were we to live by the principle of reciprocity, we would only use non-renewable resources if we could pave a way for future generations to have the same quality of life without those resources. The ethical question is not difficult to answer — what is difficult is living by the answer. But if we forget our descendants, they will never be able to forget us.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston

The question of how widely we should apply the reciprocity principle comes down to identity. What is a human being? Who am I? If I were merely myself — that is, the body sitting here writing — I would be a creature without hope. But my identity goes deeper than my own body and my own short time on Earth. I am a part of — and I take part in — something which is bigger and greater than myself. Humans tend to have a local and short-term sense of who they are. We used to have to scan our surroundings, wary of dangers and prey. That gives us a natural tendency to defend ourselves and protect our own.

But we do not have the same natural tendency to protect our descendants, not to mention species other than our own. Favouring our own genes lies deep within our nature. That is something we must learn — just as we had to learn to respect human rights. Ever since our species emerged in Africa, we have fought a determined battle to prevent our branch of the evolutionary tree from being cut off. That battle has been successful, for we are still here. But we have become so prosperous that we are threatening the basis of our own survival.

As clever, vain and inventive as we are, it is easy to forget that we are simply primates. But are we really so clever if we put our cleverness and inventiveness ahead of our responsibility for the future of the planet? No longer can we think only about one another. The planet we live on is an essential part of our identity. Even if our species is destined to die out, we still carry an important responsibility for this unique planet and for the nature we leave behind. Modern humans think we are almost entirely shaped by our cultural and social history, by the civilisation which produced us.

There is a genetic heritage as well as a cultural one. We are primates. We are vertebrates. It took billions of years to create us. Billions of years to create a human being! But are we going to survive the next millennium? What is time? First we have the horizon of the individual, then of the family, of culture and of literary culture, but there is also geological time — we come from tetrapods that crawled out of the sea million years ago — and finally, there is cosmic time.

Our universe is almost But in reality, these periods of time are not as distant from one another as they may seem. We have reason to feel at home in the universe. The planet we live on is precisely one third of the age of the universe, and the class of animals to which we belong, the vertebrates, has existed for a mere 10 per cent of the time our solar system and life on Earth have existed. The universe is no more infinite than that. Or conversely: our roots and our kinship are intricately and deeply woven into the universal soil.

Human beings may be the only living creatures in the entire universe who have a universal consciousness. We have a staggering sense of the immense and mysterious cosmos we are part of. Therefore, not only do we have a global responsibility to save our planet. We have a cosmic responsibility. Its author, Jostein Gaarder, was an unknown, year-old Norwegian high school teacher in the town of Bergen, with a wife called Siri and two sons, when he hit the jackpot with his third book for children the previous ones were called The Solitaire Mystery and Through a Glass, Darkly.

He was wrong. The book starts with year-old Sophie Amundsen returning from school to find two letters for her. She also finds in the mailbox a letter from one Albert Knag, addressed to his year-old daughter, Hilde Moller Knag. Sophie has no idea who they are. Gaarder himself became increasingly politicised. More controversially, Gaarder wrote polemical articles in the Norwegian press in , about the plight of Palestinian refugees.

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You can form your own view. Subscribe now. A dried up river bed near Lodwar, Kenya Getty Images. Shape Created with Sketch. In pictures: Changing climate around the world Show all Calved icebergs from the nearby Twin Glaciers are seen floating on the water in Qaqortoq, Greenland. Oroumieh, one of the biggest saltwater lakes on Earth, has shrunk more than 80 percent to 1, square kilometers in the past decade. It shrinks mainly because of climate change, expanded irrigation for surrounding farms and the damming of rivers that feed the body of water.

A boat navigates among calved icebergs from the nearby Twin Glaciers in Qaqortoq, Greenland. Boats are a crucial mode of transportation in the country that has few roads. As cities like Miami, New York and other vulnerable spots around the world strategize about how to respond to climate change, many Greenlanders simply do what theyve always done: adapt. If all the glaciers melt, well just get more land. The 'doomsday' seed vault built to protect millions of food crops from climate change, wars and natural disasters opened deep within an Arctic mountain in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

A technician preparing to drain a vast underground lake at the Tete Rousse glacier on the Mont Blanc Alpine mountain, to avert a potentially disatrous flood.