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The embodied voice | Oppmerksom Bevegelse

The Singing Sword. Singing in the shrouds. It takes time and patient attention to yourself to discover your own restricting and limiting habits of self, physical and mental, and the pressure to perform and impress can undo all that good work very quickly. VocalDynamix workshops are intended to appeal both to professionals and to those on a journey of self-discovery, and they are ideal for those who would like to increase vocal self-awareness and singing skills, but are shy of performing.

I became interested in the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais after many years studying movement, particularly Tai Chi, and Martha Graham-based dance. I have many years experience teaching Feldenkrais, and Feldenkrais-based voice work, to individuals, and in Colleges, Universities and Adult Education Centres in the U. Since qualifying as a Feldenkrais teacher I have developed a comprehensive awareness-based voice and singing teaching system, using the Feldenkrais approach.

The Embodied Voice and VocalDynamix courses are the culmination of my years of study, my personal vocal exploration and development, and my experience performing pop, rock and jazz. You can read more about Maggy and her experience as a singer, voice teacher, of how she created the Vocal Dynamix system on her webpage. I was the one who joined your workshop on December 3rd. Thank you for the heartwarming lecture with nice atmosphere. Afterwards, I have felt some changes of my voice and energy of singing.

Less constraint of my throat and stress within me. My major purpose to come to London for learning singing was to find my natural voice.

So I did it!! I appreciate the opportunity to see you and have a workshop. I would return to Tokyo on Christmas day, very soon. This time I am sure to keep singing even in the busy days in Tokyo.

Singing with Your Whole Self

Vil du ha informasjon om nye kurs og kursdatoer? I could feel that my whole body was involved in my emotional expression and the sound of my voice.

It was particularly exciting for me as I am a head person — I came away with more confidence to be myself — more spontaneous somehow. I cannot recommend these workshops highly enough to anyone interested in learning more about their voice and body. She has dynamism, a strong sense of humour and patience with such an attractive personality as to make Anatomy usually dullish in the medical sense into a fascinating study of the voice in her VocalDynamix course.

Most classes concentrate on breathing and never really touch on what you do with your throat in order to manipulate sound. Perhaps the most important thing for me was to discover the possibility that I had more than one possible vocal sound. I am still working through the material and have a much larger range at each end of the scale. It was really interesting to have speech contextualized into its effect on laryngeal movement and brought me a new awareness in that area and a sense of how voice production affects the diaphragm and its attachments to the spine, rather than just the other way round.

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The untrammelled, quite deep for me voice that your workshop gave me at the end was gratifying but it changed into something different later.