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In the first chapter, I will shortly summarise the conceptual framework of Euroscepticism. In the second chapter, I provide an overview of the way Hungarian and Italian political discourse has envisioned Europe in the post-bipolar, or post-Maastricht, period that began in the early s. The fall of the Berlin wall had a decisive impact on the domestic politics of Hungary and Italy, and subsequent international changes created the basis for different forms of transitions in both countries.

Politikatudomanyi Szemle. In Korosenyi Andras szerk. A magyar politikai rendszer - negyedszazad utan. Budapest: Osiris Kiado. Bardi L. Battistelli F. Euroscetticismo e europportunismo. In Il Mulino. Bindi F. Bossi U. Umberto Bossi Pontida 4.

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Umberto Bossi. Pontida Ciampi C. In Europa Europe. Comelli M - Darnis J. Conti N. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies 8 2 : Corriere della Sera. Europa Europe 3: Dente B. Il Mulino 6: Diamanti I. Limes 4: Dini L. Europa Europe EBRD n. These characteristics will present a strong challenge to the sustainability of the Constitution as it is in the coming years. The opinions expressed here are solely of the authors and do not express the views of the institutions to which they are affiliated.

Folha de S. Paulo , 19 jul. Alston, L. Bijlsma, M. Tilburg: Netspar, Canuto, O. Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil: constitutional text of October 5, , with the alterations introduced by Constitucional Amendments no. Elkins, Z. The Endurance of National Constitutions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Diretoria de Pesquisas. Gandra da Silva Martins, Ives Heckelman, Jac C. Dougherty Hsieh, Chang-Tai and Peter J. Klenow Knight, Brian G. Persson, Torsten; Tabellini, Guido. The Economic Effects of Constitutions. Pontes Lima, Edilberto Carlos. Stefanski, Gerhard; Toews, Radoslaw.

Misallocation and Taxation in the Oil Industry.

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Unpublished manuscript, Mankiw, N. Gregory; Weinzierl, Matthew; Yagan, Danny. World Bank. Washington, D. You can choose to receive the latest articles either in English, Portuguese or both. You have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Pingback: Fim de ano — Evidente. Brave Braziliam Government! Economic effects of the Brazilian constitution. Otaviano Canuto, Tiago Ribeiro dos Santos.

Conference on constitutional processes

January 3, The pension system The pension system is one of the issues awarded much greater detail in the Brazilian Constitution than its counterparts. Irreducibility of the value of benefits Article , IV of the Federal Constitution determines that the value of benefits cannot be reduced. Fast aging increases the challenge The population of Brazil is aging rapidly. Health As with other subjects, health has a much longer treatment in the Brazilian constitution than in others, and, as in the case of education, there is a minimum level of expenses. Taxes The Brazilian constitution determines the competencies to tax for the different federal units.

Income tax art. Social contribution on net profits art , I,c iii. Industrialized product taxes art , IV ii. Import taxes art , I iii. Export taxes art , II iv. Financial operation taxes art , V v.

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Taxes on labor i. Contributions of economic domain intervention art. CIDE ii. Tax on motorized vehicles art , III ii. Tax on urban real estate art , I ii. Conclusion Since the approval of the Constitution, spending has increased constantly Canuto, Almeida, Lisboa and Pessoa, Brazil , Brazilian economy , education , health , pension reform , public sector management , tax reform.

Arbitration and the Constitution. Peter B. Gary Brown. Peter Ashford. Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Luis Francisco Valle. Chuanhui Wang. Improving International Investment Agreements. Armand De Mestral. Introduction to Law. Jaap Hage. Environmental Protection and Human Rights. Donald K. Domestic Judicial Review of Trade Remedies.

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The Politics of International Economic Law. Tomer Broude. Cartels, Markets and Crime. Bruce Wardhaugh. The Endurance of National Constitutions. Zachary Elkins. Judicial Independence in China. Randall Peerenboom. The Latin American Casebook. Juan F. Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Japan. Tadashi A. Legal Interpretation. Kent Greenawalt.

Constitutions in the Global Financial Crisis

Law and the Limits of Reason. Adrian Vermeule. Pluralism in International Criminal Law. Elies van Sliedregt. International Commercial Litigation. Trevor C. Due Process of Lawmaking. Susan Rose-Ackerman. Kirsten Shoraka.

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Judicial Reputation. Nuno Garoupa. Courts in Latin America. Gretchen Helmke. The U. Supreme Court and New Federalism. Christopher P. Unconscionability in European Private Financial Transactions. Mel Kenny.