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We know Nostalgia is working on some big titles at the moment, so there is definitely more to come! Among them, "Meltdown" stood out, not only as a comment on nuclear energy and the disaster in Japan, but because it was a perfect example of a well-done and rough industrial demo. He died suddenly on the 6th of May, in Hanoi, Vietnam, while taking a nap after feeling a bit ill. Oneway as a group might not have been active on the scene for quite a while, but Poison was an extremely important and integral part of the Swedish scene. As a skilled artist in real life, he treated the C64 as a digital canvas and had a totally unique style, no matter if he was working on a new bitmap picture or a PETSCII screen.

Poison belonged to the core of sceners in and around Helsingborg, with a long track record of scene activity, all the way from Zoom and Warrant to Vision and Oneway. He helped organize some of the Floppy parties, and provided graphics for the invitations. Apart from being an excellent artist, he was also appreciated for his kindness, taste for adventure and compassion for people.

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The non-religious funeral was held in a chapel in Helsingborg on the 10th of June, where his family and friends gathered to grief and bid a last farewell. Not an eye was dry during the ceremony. At the memorial gathering after the ceremony, Polish food was served Poison was of Polish origin and Jucke played SID-music as well as showcased some of Poison's graphics. We miss you, Radek! We were also offered "Rock Paper Scissors Simulator", a game that would have fit right into Codemasters catalogue back in the days judging from the title. Slator did a good job, though.

Vandalism News 56 was also released, securing its position as the second-best diskmag in the scene. Mermaid's exclusive diskcover for VN 56 also deserves to be mentioned. Hilarious release, thumbs up! Conjuror won the old-school graphics compo at Flashback with his picture "Hyde Park".

Member-wise, no changes occurred during the last couple of months. Also, in May Yazoo won the doublescreen compo at c64pixels. A well deserved first place for a fine picture! Oxyron also gained a new member as Geir Tjelta decided to join as coder and musician. The guys in Panda also organized a multiplatform mini-demoparty in Stockholm in early July, called Edison Here RadiantX released yet another tune, "Hungover Keyjazz" that scored third place in the mixed music competition.

Nothing major was released at Edison Cwise, but it seems like this was some sort of test from Panda Design to see if there is room for more parties in Sweden, so perhaps we can expect a bigger Edison party in the future He has a different background than most sceners, and while playing around with the C64 as a kid, he was recruited because of his abilities as a non-digital artist. Skilled at painting, drawing, sketching and photographing the analogue way, his graphics always exists as an analogue original, then converted to and touched up on the C Always a pleasure to sit down with a cup We love it!

Adventurous Joe caffeinates the Maine Island Trail! It takes serious beans to get volunteers onto boats to pick trash off the islands of coastal Maine. AJ's is that bean! They get the job done, and so do we. Adventurous Joe Coffee is just what you need to kick start your day or adventure! It's beautifully roasted and tastes delicious! The Peruvian Dark roast is our favorite! My first coffee fix of the day is when we grind fresh beans of Adventurous Joe's Tropical Harmony blend for our morning cup.

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