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Could the same thing be done to an entire animal?

Could it be rejuvenated just enough? In , the team devised a way to partially rewind the cells in mice with progeria. They genetically modified the mice to produce the Yamanaka factors in their bodies, just as the Spanish researchers had done; but this time, the mice would produce those factors only when given an antibiotic, doxycycline. In another experiment, others got it just for two days out of every seven.

Fountain of Youth

You can easily turn it on or off. But the mice that drank a limited dose did not develop tumors. Instead, they became more physically robust, their kidneys and spleens worked better, and their hearts pumped harder. To West, the technology offers the prospect that humans, like salamanders, could regenerate tissues or damaged organs.

To others, however, the evidence for rejuvenation is plainly in its infancy. Progeria is an illness due to a single DNA mutation. Would the rejuvenation technique work in naturally aged animals and in human cells? Experiments to rejuvenate normal mice are under way. But because normal mice live as long as two and a half years, whereas those with progeria live three months, the evidence is taking longer to gather.

Wholesale rejuvenation, then, is still far off, if it will ever come at all.

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But more limited versions of it, targeted to certain diseases of aging, might be available within a few years. If the Yamanaka factors are like a scattergun that wipes out all the epigenetic marks associated with aging, the techniques now being developed at Salk and in other labs are more like sniper rifles.

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The goal is to allow researchers to switch off a specific gene that causes a disease, or switch on another gene that can alleviate it. Whereas the original CRISPR lets researchers eliminate an unwanted gene, the adapted tool allows them to leave the genetic code untouched but determine whether a gene is turned on or off. Using the epigenome editor, the researchers cranked up the output of another gene that can play a substitute role. Another result of this kind came from beyond the Salk campus, at the University of California, Irvine.

Researcher Marcelo Wood claims that activating a single gene in old mice improves their memory in a test involving moving objects. Back Today. Michael Otto Ph. Finding the Fountain of Youth Reverse brain aging and improve memory with Copyright Michael Otto Drs. Thanks a lot for writing, I got it was so helpful for me.

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Can the Fountain Of Youth Make You Younger?

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What a topsy-turvy world we live in! When we're young, we can't wait to get older. We look forward to the future and dream of all the things we can do when we're just a little bit older, just a little bit bigger…. Of course, once we get older, we look backward and often wish we could reclaim our youth. We yearn for a simpler time that we remember as more carefree than the world we now live in. Take some time today to reminisce with your parents or other older family members.

Talk with them about their youth and how things were different when they were kids. How have times changed since they were your age? Ask them what would happen if they could take a dip in the Fountain of Youth and become a kid again. What things would they change? What would they do differently? If you want, turn your trip down memory lane into a fun game. Go on a super-secret exploring trip for the Fountain of Youth. Is it in your bathtub?

Maybe in a bottle of water at the back of the refrigerator? A bucket in the backyard?


Find your pretend Fountain of Youth, take a drink from or a dip in it, and then see what happens. Do you turn into a baby right away or just get a couple years younger? If you were to turn younger, what would you do? How would your life change? What about your parents or older family members?

What happens to them when they drink from the Fountain of Youth? How young do they become? What would they do now that they're young again? Think carefully about what they say because you're still a kid! Make a list of the top three lessons you learned from talking with your parents or other older family members.

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If you learn some important lessons, share them with others. Email or send us a copy of your list of the top three lessons you learned:. If you re-read the WONDER, it states that there's no proof of where the Fountain of Youth is, nor is there evidence to support restorative effects of any of the supposed sites. I just want to say I love reading so this is the perfect website to me I just want to say it is a really good website. It's always fun to Wonder and learn new things!

Or wide? Either way, thanks for learning more about the fountain of youth with us! Thanks for sharing your opinion about this Wonder, Noel!

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We hope you check out the many other Wonders here at Wonderopolis! We're sure you will find one you like better! I'm too afraid to drink The Fountain of Youth in Florida. It's not that i don't want to be young. Welcome, Dj! Thanks for joining the discussion and sharing your opinion. We hope you get to visit the Fountain of Youth someday. Hi Abigail! Many people hope it could take them back to their younger days.

Do you believe in the fountain of youth? I know how they did it. They used kids. When he dropped the cap they used a kid that looks a lot like him. You're so very right, Mteam! We think the people in the Wonder video did a great job-- they made us smile! We Wonder if you believe the fountain of youth exists, Mteam? Or is it all a legend? I believe the fountain of youth is real, but it's located somewhere in a cave deep into the earth, hidden in a chamber underneath Europe. Not in america. That would be a very cool adventure!

I love wonderopolis because it has so many videos I can watch. In my opinion, wonderopolis is the best site ever! I could never pick any other site to watch videos. You guys rock! WOW, Anthony! We appreciate that you like watching the videos and learning from the Wonders here in Wonderopolis! That's a super sweet thing to say, Sadie! It makes us really happy to know that you enjoy visiting Wonderopolis!

I have a connection about the fountain of youth.