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From the point where the southerly continuation of Anti-Lebanon begins to take a more westerly direction, a low ridge shoots out towards the south-west, trending farther and farther away from the eastern chain and narrowing the Buka'a; upon the eastern side of this ridge lies the elevated valley or hilly stretch known as Wadi et-Teim.

This northern line of barren, broken sandstone hills is geographically no part of the Paropamisus range, from which it is separated by a stretch of sandy upland about 20 m. Through this stretch of dasht the drainage from the main water-divide breaks downwards to the plains of Herat, where it is arrested and utilized for irrigation purposes. The Tonga and Kermadec trenches, both deeper than fathoms, stretch from the Samoa Islands southwards toward New Zealand for a distance of nautical miles.

Tokaj lies at the foot of the Hegyalja Mountains, which stretch to the north and north-west of the town, between the rivers Hernad and Bodrog, for a distance of about 60 m. By this Lothair received Italy and the imperial title, together with a stretch of land between the North and Mediterranean Seas lying along the valleys of the Rhine and the Rhone. The hope that a passage through to the Spice Islands would be found near existing Spanish settlements was now given up.

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One was sought farther south, and in November Ferdinand Magellan passed through the strait which bears his name and sailed across the Pacific. At last the existence of a continent divided by a vast stretch of ocean from Asia, and mostly lying within the sphere of influence assigned to Spain by the pope, was revealed to the world. This country, some hundred miles long and nearly thirty wide, is a fertile stretch of agricultural land on the lower slopes of the Maluti mountains.

Among the Rumanians, who inhabited three states Austria, Hungary and Rumania , the desire long prevailed for union within the monarchy, and Austria would only have had to stretch out her hand to them; but the Magyars would not have it. The estuary of the Thames may be said to stretch from London Bridge to Sheerness in the Isle of Sheppey, which is divided from the mainland by the narrow channel bridged at Queensbridge of the Swale.

Taken in its widest meaning, the Kuen-lun Mountains thus stretch in a wavy line for nearly 2 m. But the greater part is a dreary stretch of barren, undulating uplands, intersected by tiny streams and passing gradually into the vast level waste of treeless anc. Axylon plain that runs S.

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The Great Plains. A broad stretch of country underlaid by nearly horizontal strata extends westward from the 97th meridian to the base of the Rocky Mountains, a distance of from to in. In the north, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the intricately branching waterways of Puget Sound between the Cascade and the Olympic ranges occupy trough-like depressions which were filled by extensive glaciers in Pleistocene times; and thus mark the beginning of the great stretch of forded coast which extends northward to Alaska. The "singing beach" is a stretch of white sand, which, when trodden upon, emits a curious musical sound.

His fear lest Russia should demand a stretch of coast along the Varanger Fjord induced him to remain neutral during the Crimean War, and, subsequently, to conclude an alliance with Great Britain and France November 2 5th, for preserving the territorial integrity of Scandinavia. It was found that during the successive electrical oscillations the metallic lines can be observed to stretch farther and farther away from the poles, thus giving a measure of the gradual diffusion of the metal.

But my counsel is that we fall not to the lowest fare first: we will not, therefore, descend to Oxford fare, nor to the fare of New Inn, but we will begin with Lincoln's Inn diet, where many right worshipful men of great account and good years do live full well; which if we find ourselves the first year not able to maintain, then we will in the next year come down to Oxford fare, where many great learned and ancient fathers and doctors are continually conversant; while if our purses stretch not to maintain neither, then may we after, with bag and wallet, go a-begging together, hoping that for pity some good folks will give us their charity.

Their point is to stretch Hume's phenomenalism so as to embrace all science, by contending that mechanism is not at the bottom of phenomena, but is only the conceptual shorthand by aid of which men of 'science can briefly describe phenomena, and that all science is description and not explanation. The stretch from Samsat and Jeziret-ibn- 'Omar to the alluvial plain seems to divide itself naturally into three parallel belts, highland watershed district, un- Geography.

Von Oppenheim counted in the district west of Edessa and Harran, in a stretch of two days' march, flourishing villages. Thence to the St Gotthard the divide runs north-east, all the higher summits including the Monte Leone, 11, ft. The most healthy portions of the territory are in the north and east, embracing the slopes of the Apennines which are watered by the Teverone and Sacco; and the most pestilential is the stretch between the Monti Lepini and the sea.

From it some pretty gardens and promenades Kaiserin Augusta Anlagen stretch along the bank of the Rhine, and in them is a memorial to the poet Max von Schenkendorf. Immediately to the south and west of Kandahar is a stretch of well-irrigated and highly cultivated country, but the valley of the Arghandab is the most fertile in the district, and, from the luxuriant abundance of its orchards and vineyards, offers the most striking scenes of landscape beauty.

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The ruins of the ancient city, including granite columns and traces of a sea-wall with towers, stretch southwards a mile beyond the modern town. The Saxon coal-fields stretch eastwards for some miles from Zwickau. These territories are bordered by a broad stretch of country on the north, where Protestantism has maintained its hold since the time of the Reformation, including Bayreuth or eastern upper Franconia, middle Franconia, the northern half of Wui-ttemberg and Baden, with Hesse and the Palatinate. After Bouvines he purchased the assistance of Valdemar II. Rays often alter suddenly in length, seeming to stretch down towards the horizon or mount towards the zenith.

Conqueror of southern Italy, he turned his thoughts yet further, and became the first ruler of Sicily to stretch forth his hands towards the eastern peninsula. Beyond the Nile valley east and west stretch great deserts, containing here and there fertile oases. The Lowlands of Mid-Scotland, or the Central Plain, constitute a broad depression with south-westerly to north-easterly trend lying between the Highland line that runs from the head of the Firth of Clyde to Stonehaven and the pastoral uplands that stretch from Girvan to Dunbar.

The grounds of strife were the spread in the Y y g P of " liberal " religious ideas; on one side heretical and anti-Calvinistic doctrines, and on the other a tendency to stretch Calvinistic principles till they were scarcely to be distinguished from Antinomianism. Jefferson did not read excesses in Paris as warnings against democracy, but as warnings against the abuses ' Jefferson did not sympathize with the temper of his followers who condoned the zealous excesses of Genet, and in general with the"'misbehaviour "of the democratic clubs; but, as a student of English liberties, he could not accept Washington's doctrine that for a self-created permanent body to declare" this act unconstitutional, and that act pregnant with mischiefs "was" a stretch of arrogant presumption "which would, if unchecked," destroy the country.

A Stretch on the River by Richard Pike Bissell

The Eastern Ghats stretch in fragmentary spurs and ranges down the Madras presidency, here and there receding inland and leaving broad level tracts between their base and the coast. Eastward from the Bengal delta, two alluvial plains stretch up between the hills which connect the Himalayan system with that of the Burmese peninsula. Four days were occupied in the ascent to a level stretch at 7, ft. It was not till the invasions of Hun and Langobard that fugitives from the Venetian mainland took refuge among the poor fishermen on the small islands in the lagoons and on the lido - the narrow stretch of coast-line which separates the lagoons from the Adriatic - some at Grado, some at Malamocco, others on Rialto.

Army now held the line from the Brenta to the Piave, and the short stretch of the river as far as the Montello. The correct perspective places between the summits of modern and ancient times, not a long level stretch of a thousand years, with mankind stationary, spell-bound under the authority of the Church, absorbed in war or monastic dreams, but a downward and then a long upward slope, on both of which the forces which make for civilization may be seen at work.

The main musculature can be seen through the thin skin to be divided into about sixty pairs of muscle-segments myotomes by means of comma-shaped dissepiments, the myocommas, which stretch between the skin and the central skeletal axis of the body. Along the whole of the Samara bend the Volga is accompanied on its right bank by high cliffs, which it is constantly undermining, while broad lowland areas stretch along the left or eastern bank, and are intersected by several old beds of the Volga.

Derived from the verb ma, " to stretch out," her name denoted the ideas of right and rule, and covered the notions of order, law, justice and truth, which remained steadfast and unalterable. She would stand for twenty hours at a stretch to see the wounded accommodated. All are narrow in comparison with their length, which is not infrequently magnified to view when two lakes are connected by a very short stretch of running water with a navigable fall of a few feet, such as those between Hornafvan, Uddjaur and Storafvan on the Skellefte river.

Covering a great stretch of time and space, they do for the worshipper in the field of church history what the Scripture readings do in that of biblical history. It consists in cutting down upon and exposing the nerve, and in seizing hold and drawing upon it so as to stretch it.

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North of the railway line, hedged in between Afghanistan and the plains of the Indus, stretch the long ridges of rough but picturesque highlands, which embrace the central ranges of the Suliman system the prehistoric home of the Pathan highlander , where vegetation is often alpine, and the climate clear and bracing and subject to no great extremes of temperature. In this hot and thirsty corner of Baluchistan, ruled by the Jam or Cham, there is a fairly wide stretch of cultivation, nourished by the alluvial detritus of the Purali and well irrigated.

The Estrella Mountains, which enclose the headwaters of the Mondego in a deep ravine, stretch from north-east to south-west and are continued in the same direction by the Serra de Lousa ft. Lesser ranges, which are included in the Beirene system and vary in height from to ft. On the land side stretch miles of sand-dunes studded with broom, and beyond, the argan forests, distinctive of southern Morocco. Between their right flank and the Montenegrins on the Great Bardanjolt lay a stretch of marshy impassable country. Behind the Chandni Chauk, to the north, lie the Queen's Gardens; beyond them the "city lines" stretch away as far as the well-known rocky ridge, about a mile outside the town.

The former considerable fishing and coasting trade was ruined by the eruption of Krakatoa in , a large stretch of coast line and the seaport towns of Charingin and Anjer being destroyed by the inundation.

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To the south-west of the picturesque belts of palm trees which stretch inland from the northern coast of Bahrein, is a wide space of open sandy plain filled with gigantic tumuli or earth mounds, of which the outer layers of gravel and clay have been hardened by the weather action of centuries to the consistency of conglomerate. They are not preserved to any very considerable height; but the arrangement of the gates is clearly traceable; as a rule they come at the end of a long, straight stretch of wall, and are placed so as to leave the right side of any attacking force exposed.

It includes some of the volcanic peaks which, north of Lake Kivu, stretch across the rift-valley and attain heights of 13, and 14, ft. With regard to climbing, the long stretch of arm and the grasp with both hands and feet contribute to the arboreal life of the apes, contrasting with what seem the mere remains of the climbing habit to be found even among forest savages. On either side are the large East and West docks , and beyond these stretch the long quays at which the American and East Indian liners are berthed. Above the Rheingau, or the slopes which stretch down to the Rhine between Biebrich and Bingen, the altitude averages to ft.

Word Lists. Choose your language. Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Examples of stretch of river For practical purposes, therefore, there is very little prospect of turning this stretch of river into a bathing river. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

For a mile stretch of river , we have only three significant crossings. I think that this small stretch of river might have made an admirable nature reserve if it was not about to be disturbed by boats.

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It should apply to an old established company which has been discharging its effluent into an industrial stretch of river. But suppose there is an industrial company which sets up a factory beside an entirely clean and wholly unpolluted stretch of river. He has already told us that on his own stretch of river for 40 years he has not prevented otter hunting in any way.

If mills are spread along a 15 or mile stretch of river , there are real problems with access.