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Their main enemy was "Dr. Trombones", an animated evil trombone who hates winning; possibly inspired by the losing horns that would sound for each pricing game loss. Each time a contestant lost a pricing game, he would appear on the screen and laugh evilly. Season 47 had the come on down and main theme music replaced by a spooky version of it.

Drew was dressed up as a ghost and George was dressed up as a werewolf. The models dressed up as scary characters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Treehouse of Horror. Television portal. It's the sequel to The Gift but airing first" Tweet — via Twitter.

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After settling in with Megs and her family, Edward becomes curious about a television miracle doctor named April Wells, and enlists the help of friends and townspeople to send her a homemade audition tape. While Megs struggles with her uncertainty about the whole situation, Edward has a quiet hope that, maybe, she could help him. Collects issues From Gashapon. The Dragonball Super UDM mini mascot collection has been one of the most comprehensive and beloved figure charm collections for Dragon Ball fans around the world.

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But now, decades later, his lost-love Kim has her own family, and her granddaughter is about to discover the wonder her mother wishes she could forget.

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  7. Here comes more cute kitties to continue your collection! From the hit mobile app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector , comes the newest wave of blind box mini figures. Six new additions make their debut as adorable mini collectibles! These are packaged individually in blind box format. Collect your favorite, then collect them all! Each sold separately. An all-new adventure revisits Edward Scissorhands!

    Two generations of exile have left Edward digging through abandoned experiments, but once he wakes up a creature left buried, he discovers he isn't the only one missing a vital piece. These Hot Wheels are like none you've ever seen before! I have finally solved this one, with some assistance from a very patient children's librarian! The compiler of the book is Laura Cathon, and the author of the story is Mary Curtis. Because of a letter that Alicia sends to Queen Mary, Kate is punished by being exiled to Elvenwood, an isolated castle or gard. She does end up going undergound, to the world of the "elves" who are an old sect of Druids, and the crushing claustrophobia of being underground is described.

    Talkin' Cowboys: What's The Latest on Running Back Zeke? - Dallas Cowboys 2019

    The story is interesting because it shows how certain real things could have been the basis for folklore. This is one of my favorite books. Definitely The Perilous Gard. In , Kate is sent to the mysterious castle of Perilous Gard with her new guardian. Once she reaches the castle, she learns that his daughter has disappeared down a well, and her guardian's brother, Christopher Wren, claims he's responsible. Christopher I think he's called Kit? It's actually a bit of a retelling of Tam Lin. A few details are mixed up, but that will make the re-read all the better!

    This is it for sure! A really good book and definitely worth a read. Elizabeth Marie Pope, Perilous Gard. Wondeful book! This is the only one I could find with Princess Elizabeth and 'oak'. It's publication date fits in your time frame but the description doesn't really fit - "Peter, a Russian peasant boy, twelve years old in the year and full of dreams, chances to cross paths with the exiled Princess Elizabeth and comes to realize his fate is linked to hers.

    The mystery took only 3 days to solve after being posted on the website. The Perilous Gard. Illustrated by Richard Cuffari. Houghton Mifflin, , A Newbery Honor Book. Bruce Carter a. This is just a maybe, but it certainly seems to fit. John Beynon, The Secret People , Set in , "The Secret People" takes us to a place intruders never leave.

    After Mark Sunnet's rocket plane crashes in the Sahara Desert, which is being turned into a "New Sea" by France and Italy in a monumental feat of engineering, he and his girlfriend Margaret find themselves prisoners of a people determined to keep their existence secret. Hence the title of this book.

    Islands of Chaldea

    These short-statured people who resemble white pygmies dwell in an underground network of vast caves and are, on the face of it, mired in primitivism. The caves are lit by luminous globes of unknown power, suggesting that this civilization was once highly developed technologically but is now long past its time of glory. While Margaret and her cat become a focus of worship, Mark is thrown in with the other prisoners. These are people of various nationalities who were unfortunate enough to stray into the pygmie's domain over the years - destined to live out their lives subsisting on the fungus of giant mushrooms which grow in the caves.

    While many are slumped in apathy, some of the captives have preserved their sanity by working on an escape tunnel. The rising water levels have heightened the sense of urgency. Bruce Carter, The Perilous Descent. Bruce Carter is the pen-name of the English writer Richard Hough. His story concerns two R. When they finally re-emerge from the "other world" they are in South America. The twins books you asked about are a popular series written by Lucy Fitch Perkins. I have quite a few in stock: The Pioneer Twins. First edition, corners bumped. Corners bumped.

    First edition. Spine ends frayed. Felix Salten, Perri. Best known for his books about deer, Salten also wrote this one about a squirrel. It was adapted into a live-action Disney movie in the s. I checked Disney version of Salten's Perri and it is all color photos of how squirrels live. And it is not Ridlon's Lightning strikes twice: Mama, Papa and Milkweed Woodsey lose their home to lightning, and feel an earthquake under their new one; optimism is the key,but names don't match Stumper. A Pet at the Zoo , I am sure that you are looking for A Pet at the Zoo. This is a Whitman Big Tell-a-Tale book, published in I have a copy of my own somewhere, just to be sure I Googled it and saw a copy for sale on the internet.

    The cover is the same as I remembered it. Hope this helps! His nemesis is the house cat, Mefisto, who hunts down Maestro Petrini during a performance of The Magic Flute, only to be charmed at the last moment by Papageno's flute. And they all live happily ever after. A thousand thank-yous! Thank you for making me look so good! I'm sure we will be visiting your site often. Clevin, Jorgen , Pete's first day at school This must definitely be the solution to E86 and it could be the solution to E The cover shows Johnny and Pete - and Pete is a regular large elephant, so his size could have come into the story.

    Pete, the elephant, has happy experiences on the first day of school. Where do you live? Shall we say hello to them? That red knob is the doorbell. Press it with your finger and say : dingalingaling. Reader answers questions at each stop-light. Final story page has a 'blank' TV screen with a message seen only when held up to the light! Cover is indeed white as remembered' I can't believe it but I believe this is Pete's first day of school is the answer to E I never thought I would find it.

    And then another poster helped with additional clues. Thank you so much! NOw I am trying to purchase the book. I have now found 2 of 5 books I have been searching for! I was interested in P2 in your stump column. I have it packed away somewhere in the attic, but haven't a hope of finding it to get the information.

    I kind of thought it was called Prudence and Peter, but have not found that listing. I did check the LC catalog, but found nothing. The book I remember has a colored picture pasted on the cover, which is a kind of goldish brown buckram, if my memory is correct, but who knows. For some reason we had it out to get some ideas when we were planning the highschool senior prom I can't remember if we actually used it or not. We do not have a very good public library, so I would not expect to find it there. I think I identified P2 after thinking a little more. I'm doing some personal research for fun on "Octavia" on the 'net.

    Picked up this link -- thought you or whoever requested might be interested Robins, Eliz. Could this be Peter Churchmouse by Margot Austin? There's also a Churchmice series by Oakley , but I think it's the former. Thank you very much for the quick response. Re Peter Churchmouse. I am really not sure. I have seen references to it on your site.

    I really dont remember the character of Peter. Am looking for that refrain "Say it again If you get a copy of Peter Churchmouse , i would be interested in the opportunity to purchase it. There is also a Thursday series by Michael Bond. Most of those I found should be listed on the solved page under Cheerful , and I'm not even sure that's all of them. Austin, Peter Churchmouse. This is definitely Peter Churchmouse. He recites poetry, and it is his friend, Gabriel Churchkitten, who could "listen, and listen, and listen. Growing up in the '60's in the New York area we even saw animated versions of the stories on T.

    I had a book once that featured a cat, mouse and friar which was always centered in an old church. I seem to think it was a British book but can't be sure. The characters were all chubby and fuzzy looking line drawings. It was printed in black an black and white with occasional single color kind of like the Eloise illustrations.

    It may have been part of a series. I was born in and was able to read it on my own which seems to suggest I had it in the late fifties, early sixties although the book itself was old and used looking. Margot Austin, Peter Churchmouse, s, approximate. Is it Margot Austin's books? I remember reading Peter Churchmouse and Gabriel Churchkitten. I believe there were others as well. Charming illustrations. Graham Oakley, The Church Mouse. Cute story of Peter a churchmouse who was so hungry he ate the hymn books.

    The near-sighted parson, mistaking him for a rat, brought in a cat to get rid of him. When Peter found out the cat was a kitten and the kitten found out the rat was a mouse, they grew into a close friendship. This was the first in a series of books about Peter, his animal friends, and the nearsighted, sleepwalking Parson Pease-Porridge with whom they lived. I am so-o-o-o excited. You found it!!!!! It was indeed the Peter Churchmouse books. I had seen the Graham Oakley books and although the drawings were somewhat similar I new they weren't the ones.

    As soon as I read Gabriel Kitten I remembered. I have tried so long to find these. This somehow makes me think of The 10, Fingers of Dr. T, where the villain's name is Dr. It does have a boy who has to escape from a bad situation, but I don't know if it was ever a book, or just a movie. I don't know anything about the plot, but the title fits. The scientist creats various anti-gravity devices.

    Employing them ususally results in unintended consequences. The most memorable is a bowling-ball-sized sphere that bounces progressively higher and higher; each successive landing causes an increased amount of damage. In the story, the boy and scientist struggle to stop it from destroying cities, the world.

    William Pene du Bois, Peter Graves. The same as S94! This is most definitely Peter Graves. Roberta Whitehead, Peter opens the door , No summary available, just a possibility. Another person and I are both looking for the same book, but it isn't this one. I got a copy of Peter Open the Door by Roberta McDonald and it is for a very young child and not the story the other reader and I were looking for.

    The one we mean is for older children, many pages nearly half an inch thick and about a boy going into countries of different colors and having adventures. More science fiction type. Any help is appreciated. Florella Rose, Peter Picket Pin , Peter and his dozens and dozens of cousins tricked the coyote by popping out of different holes. I can't believe it!! I had been checking back for the past few months, basically had given up, and then yesterday checked in to find someone had identified my book!

    I wish I could see WHO had submitted the solution though. Thanks for maintaining such a great website as well. I wonder if this is the book you noted to others -- Twilight Tales by Patten Beard. I haven't remembered anything else about it. Not much info, but there's Twilight Stories by Mrs. Beautiful blue and green decorative cover. Over 50 wonderful illustrations. Probably too early, though. The frontispiece shows the elves cavorting over the boy's bed. I think that is it. I saw the story title "The Doll's Midsummer Dance," and that jarred long-stilled memories.

    I can get the book. Thank you. From the early 40s. Thornton W. This sounds like a Burgess book to me, but I don't know which one my mother has all of them from her childhood, but they're at her house, not mine. I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here is an excerpt I found-- "Joringel lifted up his head, and saw Jorinde was changed into a nightingale, which was singing "Jug, jug, jug," and presently an Owl flew round thrice, with his eyes glistening, and crying, "Tu wit, tuoo.

    Peter Puckle and Other Fairy Tales. In the story "The Witch", the 'owl-witch' calls 'Tu-whit-tu-whoo'. The book I'm looking for is definitely Peter Puckle! Thomson, Molly B. In the series 'Collins Wonder Colour Books'. Cute colour pictures of teddies, animals and trains throughout. Oh my god, that is it! Peter Puffer's Fun Book! I looked it up in BookFinders, and they had a picture of the cover - and I recognised it right away! Thanks so much I've already sent Harriet a request to find it. Thanks again Hi Harriett, since I was able to get a copy of Peter Puffer's Fun Book for my brother thanks to your amazing Stump the Bookseller page , I thought you might like a photo of the cover to put on the Solved Mysteries page I noticed some of the other books have cover shots.

    It's not the greatest picture, but better than nothing. Just a guess since I don't have the book. Scrambled Eggs , This is the exact plot of the cartoon short "Scrambled Eggs", which first aired on the old "Woody Woodpecker and Friends" show in Peterkin is a young satyr who delights in playing tricks on the woodland creatures, so he mixes up the birds' eggs. When the birds abandon their strange new babies, Peterkin is stuck taking care of them until he confesses his deed. Could you be remembering the cartoon, rather than a book?

    Or is it possible that a book was made of the cartoon that I am not aware of? It wasn't a cartoon, but that is the story! The illustrations were great. Unfortunately I played librarian and the book wasn't returned. Scrambled eggs , I'll look for that. I do remember Peterkin had to egg sit or something like that. Sorry, I didn't see the first answer.

    Keep in touch

    I bet that's it!!! Thank you, now I can can go looking. I have looked for years for that book without knowing the name. Elaine Pogany, Peterkin , I am the one who suggested the cartoon "Scrambled Eggs". I did a little more looking, and it appears that the Elaine Pogany book Peterkin is indeed the same story as the cartoon.

    1. How To Make Money With Twitter: A Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing And Monetization (Get More Twitter Followers And Make More Sales Online With Social Media, Sell More, Web Traffic).
    2. Dream Assassin?
    3. The Complete Guide to Wills: What You Need to Know Explained Simply.
    4. Choosing Motherhood: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First?
    5. Noble Beginnings: A Jack Noble Thriller (Jack Noble #1).
    6. It is illustrated by Willy Pogany , a well-known illustrator. Duvoisin, Roger. Knopf, A wonderful bookish classic. I don't have a used one in stock although I have several of the sequels, including Petunia's Christmas, Petunia and the Song , and Petunia, Beware! There are more comments on the Solved Mysteries page for that title. In the book I remember, Rosemary was the name of the ghost-girl, not the real girl, and there wasn't anything about time-travel, magic spells, or a cat.

      The neighbor, and old lady named Mrs. Raven, watches from her window and invites her to come over and play in her own garden whenever she wants, and a maid brings out milk and cookies every morning at One day she meets a blind girl with a walking stick in the garden and they play together. The blind girl, Rosemary, says she used to play there long ago, and she's bothered that the rosemary plant that used to be there is gone.

      She feels if she could smell the plant it would help her remember something important. When Joanna's father gets her a little rosemary plant and the gardener plants it, Rosemary smells it and remembers once when she bent to pick a sprig of rosemary and she fell down a cliff - but she never reached the bottom and sometimes she feels like she's still falling. Just then, Joanna looks up at Mrs. Raven's window and there she is standing, waving her hanky at them. Rosemary looks up and says "I'm coming mother! The housekeeper sends Joanna's mother a note telling her that Mrs. Raven died at - the exact time Joanna and Rosemary saw her at the window.

      When Joanna was much older, she studies Hamlet in school, and when she reads the line "Rosemary, that's for remembrance," she says she doesn't need rosemary to remember - she will never forget as long as she lives. That one's been bugging me for years! Thank you so much for finally identifying the story for me. I'd forgotten about Rosemary being blind, but as soon as I read your description, I knew it was correct. Thanks to the kind person who submitted this solution, and thank you also for such a wonderful site!

      It's a highlight of my week, checking the new stumpers and solutions. Thank goodness that was solved so quickly--I'm dying to read it! I believe they all have white hair. They go to a party at the children's house and find it odd that there are no parents. Weird things start to happen. At some point a dessert is brought out. It is a hill of what appears to be sugar with a sled and two kids on it. When the pair look closely they realize the figures are of themselves and that I think once the dessert is eaten they will be trapped. I remember them running out of the house and getting on their sleds just as spoons are put into the dessert.

      32 Best Laurie LeClair's Books images in | Romance books, Romance novels, My books

      And for some reason I remember the girl has long brown hair and maybe is wearing red? I read this in the late '70s in a collection of spooky and ghost stories - probably a scholastic book. It was first published in England in , then in America in , and maybe Scholastic also published it. Hmmm so the story about the children with white hair is called The White Haired Children. I should have remembered that.

      Now I just have to find the book again. Love this site and thank you contributors. It was a collection of ghostly short stories and I remember the first story in the collection was about a group of children who had another group of ghost children move in close by. The ghost children didn't seem to have parents. I think the oldest sister from the ghost children was named Primrose something with Rose. At the end of the story, the ghost children throw a party at their house and there's a big ice cream cake in the shape of a snowy hill with children sledding down. Somehow the human children realized that if they didn't leave the ghost house before the cake was eaten, they'd be stuck in the house forever.

      I don't remember any of the other stories in the book. This is the one you are looking for. The story with the tobogganing children is called "The White-Haired Children. Ruth Ainsworth, The Phantom Cyclist, and other ghost stories. The story you mention is "The White-Haired Children". Tizz was a palomino pony, not a full-grown horse, and she may not have been remarkable, but her owner, Tracy, considered her of exceptional intelligence and in full agreement with every opinion of Tracy's.

      Don't know about the Blue Ridge Mountains, but this family certainly moved a lot. In the first book, they had just moved to the eastern east of Arizona, anyway United States from another location, and in a later book they had just moved to Arizona. Tizz's excursions also included trips to the Canadian Rockies and Mexico--an exceptional distance to haul a pony! Many thanks. This was my stumper, and I'm delighted to say that that's it! The Phantom Tollbooth.

      Thank you so much, I've been trying to remember that title for years. A good lesson in why it is important to not "jump to conclusions" too quickly when faced with a situation. When they reach shore, the Humbug isn't wet, showing he's learned nothing. Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth. This is an incident in this classic book on the merits of a proper education. The copy I have was published by Saalfield so is probably a reprint. I think it was also published by Cupples and Leon. Both companies had a series of Adventure and Mystery Stories for Girls. J20 janetje: I've drawn a blank on plot descriptions for The Phantom Treasure , but a couple of other Pyne Grove books sound as if the plot is along her lines: The Strange Likeness , by Harriet Pyne Grove , published Saalfield , green hardcover, pp.

      Mystery , by Harriet Pyne Grove , published Saalfield , blue hardcover, pp. The girls of the S. Club are rewarded for their excellent school work with a stay at a summer college on a lake and help a poor German orphan find her real family. I am one of those persons who had an actual ache to find a childhood memory in the form of a book!! I was led to your site by "Barbara" who saw my request in Alibris search page. I made my plea on your site about two years ago, where it lay "dormant" for so long, I had given it up.

      About two weeks ago when I went on eBay to purchase Judy Bolton books for my granddaughter, I decided to ask the seller of one if they recognized my story. I could not remember author or title, but knew the plot and characters' names. I knew it was written between and I would ask almost everyone I met around my age if they recognized it; and I searched the shelves of antique stores This seller of the Judy Bolton book solved my mystery!! Guess how!!! By checking Loganberry's and finding that someone had actually responded to my query after I quit looking.

      In fact, you had two responses, both correct. I was so happy, I went crazy and bought seven copies. I didn't realize that you sold books, too I would certainly have purchased from you. If you have a copy you want to sell me, and if you have a list of Judy Bolton books for sale, please email me with the info.

      I would love to buy from you and in some way repay you for the peace of mind I now have. I had said for years that when I found my book I could die happy. I joked to my husband that he should start preparing for my funeral. Unfortunately, the timing for such a joke was not too good. We lost our lovely daughter to breast cancer just 3 months ago. Sadly, she would have rejoiced with me over this find, as she was an avid reader, too. I can only say over and over It was J Janetje jan van Meter Eldon Sonia W. This sounds like a Get-Along Gang book.

      They had Montgomery Moose, Woolma Lamb, Porshia Porcupine, and others--it was an 80s cartoon as well as having spin-off books. Unfortunately, it isn't the right book. In the book I'm remembering, the "gang" who lives in the neighbourhood when the new kid arrives is not focused on getting along. The size, shape, style, and reading level of the book are about right words on a page, big pictures , but the pictures in the book I'm looking for had less pink and bright colours and was not as "happy" overall. I finally found this myself totally randomly, I was at a Salvation Army thrift store and saw another book in the series.

      It was indeed a square children's softcover book, but it was based on an episode of the animated series "Kissyfur," so that may account for my lack of success until now. The details I remembered were actually pretty spot-on, except for the description of the lake -- it turns out that was the cover art. Phobos, the Robot Planet This one has bothered me for years. Over 40 years ago, I was about 11 at the time, I checked a science fiction book out of my neighborhood library. Unfortunately, I cannot remember any details of the book except that it was "youth" science fiction and one of the treats for the characters in the book was Phobos Fudge named after one of Mars' moons.

      Can anyone help? The smaller moon, Deimos, was actually an alien spaceship of some sort. The fudge wasn't a "treat" - it was a bland, tasteless food resembling "fudge" only in consistency it was the only food provided to the prisoner. It was delivered in portions roughly the size of a stick of butter.

      It's not much, but I hope it helps a little Paul Capon, Phobos, the Robot Planet, Also published under the title, Lost, a Moon - same book. It is almost as much of a shock to astronomers when one of the two satellites of the planet Mars suddenly vanishes. Deimos and Phobos - the outer and inner Martian moons - swing endlessly around Mars just as our moon circles the Earth.

      Phobos is the only satellite in the solar system which revolves around its planet more quickly than the planet itself rotates. It is only about ten miles in diameter and is less than four thousand miles from Mars. These are the few known facts about Phobos until one night Elizabeth Hall, Phoebe Snow, Louis Exposition. Hall, Elizabeth , Phoebe Snow, My grandmother gave me this book when I was a little girl, and I still have it. Lucy Snow wants to go the World's Fair, and boards a train pretending to be Phoebe Snow so that she can get a free ride.

      A young man aboard the train I think he was the ticket collector discovers her secret, but she discovers that he is a little sneaky too. Phoebe Snow is a sequel to another book called Stand Up, Lucy. Yikes, so far I've encountered a donkey named Piccoli and a verson of Pinocchio with a title something like that. But I'm sure I've seen your version too, so I'll keep digging. Could this be a picture book called Piccolo's Prank by Leo Politi?

      No, I think it's this one: Halsman, Phillippe. Piccoli: A Fairy Tale. Ex-library copy, hinges taped, dust jacket torn at top and bottom of spine. I was on your "stump" page and found a description of a book called Piccoli by Phillippe Halsman. The one I'm looking for does, indeed, concern a young boy and a tiny little girl. I remember he made a bed for her from a match box. One day she was attacked by a roach and she subdued it with a straight pin which she later used to hold on to as she rode the insect. Another time, I think the boy sealed her in a letter accidently.