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The scent of a hot female sent his lust into overdrive, and a female in heat… He avoided those. Their scent could drive an unmated male crazy but it was a trap. Fucking a female in heat was a sure way to find yourself committed, with a bunch of kids. The click of a door drew his attention. Jaylyn, a sometimes bedmate, sauntered into the room. Her choice of clothes revealed her intent.

A gown—the hem cut high, revealing lots of thigh, the neckline low, showing off bountiful breasts—graced her curves. Ordinarily, he would have risen to the occasion but he found himself curiously unaffected by her overt display. Her breasts nearly fell out of their miniscule covering. He could see the edges of her brown puckered nipples. But all he could think of was smaller, firmer breasts that had never been touched or suckled.

His lip curled at the thought. Soon, he intended to find out. A splash of water brought him back to the present. She sounded incredulous at his refusal. The ache in his balls was not one she could alleviate. Not one he wanted to alleviate with her. Are you feeling okay or…? He wanted to be honest. It was time he became more than just a playboy. He might not be ready for happily-ever-after but he was beginning to think it might have some merit. His lip curled as he wondered which male of his pack would benefit from the rejection. With a sigh, he sank back into the water. Thoughts of a little lupine filled his mind.

She was ripe and ready for the taking. Her innocence surprised him. His lips curled upward as he imagined splitting open her tight, virgin cunt. Teaching her to suck his cock and enjoy his thick shaft dominating her ass were experiences he hoped to enjoy soon. Eating for two you know. The smell of crisp bacon and scrambled eggs had her stomach growling. I just peeked. You looked cozy. She knew him better than anyone. Riza wanted to question her but was leery of revealing too much in the process. I would be ecstatic if you two joined but I know Leon.

I can handle Leon. I have to get to the training field. Riza landed on her ass with a heavy thud. A grimace contorted her face as she raised her head to glare at her blond sparing partner. Not only was her ass bruised but her favorite pair of jeans was ruined. If she wanted to be taken seriously, she needed to be serious.

At the last minute, his arm blocked the blow, knocking her away but she landed on her feet. This time, her kick landed in the middle of his chest but he managed to catch her foot, shoving her backward to land on her sore ass again. Did everyone know about her and Leon? Maybe it was on the bulletin board.

Is everything all right at the stronghold? Actually, I stopped by to see Riza. Hmm, I wondered how long that would take. Do you care? Jenna had long been after him about his playboy ways. She thought it was his duty to settle down and produce an heir. He intended to someday.

He was just waiting to find the right woman. His relationship with Riza was on shaky ground at best and any interference from Jenna could tumble it before he had a chance to cement the union. Jenna cocked her head and narrowed her eyes. Several females were tending a flowerbed. A blonde tossed him a come-hither look over her shoulder but he felt no interest in the shapely female.

I just came out for some fresh air. He was the only male she should wrestle. I love you too, brother. She was glad to see the land recovering. She was in great shape. She trained hard almost every day but Leon said he had a surprise for her and she was curious. Leon hesitated in front of her and she stumbled into him. His woodsy scent filled her lungs. Her feet were bare—like most breeds, she rarely wore shoes. No one had ever surprised her like this. Aromatic, cut flowers littered the clearing. She turned, grabbed his hand and squeezed.

I had to promise to bring him a fresh kill once a week for a month.

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Day Giggling, she dropped to her knees and flipped open the lid, inhaling deeply. Tentatively, Riza took a sip. The wine was sweet with just a little bite to it. Licking her lips, she lifted the glass to her mouth again. Golden eyes gleamed as he rolled to her side. His nearness played havoc with her nerves. Trust me. He hovered over her, the feral predator waiting to pounce.

An involuntary shiver rocked her frame. Her pussy quivered from just the brush of his big body as he settled close to her and she clenched her damp thighs together. Her arousal fragranced the air and she knew he could smell her ripe scent. The scent that proclaimed she was nearing her heat cycle.

Throwing caution to the wind, she nodded. Oh lord, she would probably regret this. His head lowered until his lips brushed her cheek. His tongue parted her lips at the same time his hand closed on a cotton-covered breast. Riza whimpered, arched and then shuddered as delicious sensations unfurled low in her belly. Her hands fluttered, unsure what to do.

They landed on his shoulders—his warm, heavily muscled shoulders. The silk shirt slid easy across his skin as she learned the contours of his back. Long, golden hair bound at his neck drew her fingers and they tangled in the silken strands before tugging loose the tie. A curtain of hair fell around them, enveloping them in his musky, male scent. He growled low in his throat as she writhed beneath him. Petite in stature, she truly felt diminutive as he blanketed her body.

His mouth devoured hers as his tongue thrust repetitively between her lips. With every breath, she inhaled his scent, his musk. She 25 Day breathed him, tasted him and absorbed him into her pores.

Feral Lust

Her heart pounded and her senses tingled as her pussy ached with need. She arched upward as her hands tore at his shirt. Her inner beast surged to life and his shirt ripped beneath her extending nails as she fought to hold off the shift to feral form. She hated feeling helpless and out of control. Never before had the beast within tried to wrench control from her. I took you too far too fast. It was a wonder he wanted anything to do with her. Riza, you were burning me alive. Harshly, she inhaled as her body trembled, still trying to come down from such dizzying heights.

Let me make it better for you. Her stomach muscles twitched as he exposed her unbound breasts. She should stop him before she lost control again. She licked her lips and sighed. Heat filled her veins and bloomed on her skin. Feral Lust Riza nodded. Startled, her eyes popped open and watched as his mouth closed over one tight-tipped breast.

Her breath lodged in her throat. His mouth was hot, wet as he suckled gently and light exploded behind her eyes. His raspy tongue flicked her nipple and something burst. She groaned and arched upward. Enjoy it, revel in it. She had no words to describe the sensations. At her nod, he slid his hand lower until his fingers cupped her denim-covered mound. She gasped and arched up as white-hot sensation burned. His fingers pressed down tightly over her aching center.

I can feel it through your jeans. You need to come. Cool air settled over her heated flesh and she shivered. Lying nearly naked next to him, a blush heated her skin and she clenched her thighs together. She unclenched her legs and one hand dipped between them. His fingers parted her slit, finding her clit and she lost her will to 27 Day protest.

I want you open. His raspy tongue took one slow lick through her folds. The sensations he ignited frightened her. His thumb worked her clit as his tongue dragged a merciless path along her pussy lips. The sensations built and tormented but release lurked just out of reach.

In and out, it drove deep and that was all it took for the sensations to boil and burst.

She screamed as her hands wrapped in his hair. Her legs closed on his head as she rocked and groaned. Her pussy clenched and pulsed as he continued to lap up the cream that poured from her body. No, it was something else. If only he had all his senses functioning properly. Lifting his head, he met misty green eyes. Tousled hair, flushed cheeks and swollen lips drew a grin to his face.

He wanted her but he wanted it to be right for her. His cock throbbed as he thought of burrowing into her virgin flesh. Sweat dotted his brow as he 28 Feral Lust thought of parting her. He wanted to break her open and be her first—her only man. Closing his eyes, he shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Her voice drew his gaze. A rosy blush feathered her cheeks and her eyes darted away.

He could only imagine what it would feel like to fill her with his cock. Not now. Much more. So, what are you saying? I kiss you and my heart pounds. Leon was surprised to feel a pang in his chest at her words—just lust. There was certainly lust involved but just lust? Not to me. His heart pounded at just the thought of her touching him intimately. She had offered. It was too late to stop now. He clenched his jaw. Known for control and stamina, in her hands he melted.

A growl escaped his lips as he enclosed her hand. Shuffling her hand up and down, he taught her the rhythm that was sure to send him over the edge. Her lips hovered over his cock and he was positive his shaft stretched another inch. He strained toward her mouth. Her lips stretched around his cock head as she lowered her mouth. He sucked in a strangled breath as she took him deep. Her teeth lightly scraped his rigid flesh as she drew back. He panted. She circled his cock head and slammed down his length and he nearly lost it as most of his shaft disappeared into her mouth and throat.

Day hips. There was no way he was going to spill on the ground after being that far down her throat. His sac tightened as lust rode him hard. She looked so hot with her mouth stretched wide for his cock. His release surged up his shaft. His balls burned with release. He held her head still as his seed washed down her throat. Slowly he pumped the last of his cum into her mouth and collapsed back on the blanket. His heart thumped.

What more could he ask for. You want my cock filling your pussy…filling your ass. Adrenaline surged as he watched her eyes flare with hot, aching need. I want you spread eagle and willing beneath me. I want your ass tipped up in the air begging for my cock but tomorrow we hunt.

If he wanted to keep his control, he had to get them out of this situation. She was twenty-one, old enough to know her mind and take a mate or lover if she chose. Riza twirled about the room to imaginary music as she inhaled the scent of a deepred rose. Tomorrow, she would hunt with Leon in feral form. She tried to picture him with a tawny mane and rippling muscles under golden fur. The fur kept melting away and she saw him as he looked stepping from the water. His bare rippling muscles covered with a smattering of hair.

Riza stumbled and fanned herself with her hand. It was getting hot! She was getting hot as her heat cycle came upon her. A picture of a lion mounting a wolf flashed in her mind. It would be dangerous to go to him in her condition but she did not intend to stay away. The cloud-laden sky was dark without a trace of the seed moon. The sounds of feral mating had long 34 Feral Lust since died off and only an occasional howl filled the cool night air. Her eyes had yet to close as she waited for dawn to light the eastern sky.

Project MUSE - Feral

His talk of possessing her pussy and her ass was scary, exciting. Jake, an older boy from the orphanage, knelt behind Ella, his hips furiously thrusting as he fucked her. It was total submission to offer your man your ass. Riza had always thought Holly was crazy to think such a thing. Riza stretched her tense muscles. Now she was beginning to understand. She certainly craved the feel of his tongue.

Her pussy quivered just thinking about stretching for his thick cock. Her stomach fluttered and her ass puckered as she thought of Leon breeching her sphincter. Oh lord, she was in trouble. Her heat cycle was nearly upon her and she ached to have him possess her in every way possible.

Wormlust : The Feral Wisdom

The roar of a powerful animal filled the air and her ears pricked. Was it Leon? Her body hummed as she stared into the darkness. She was barely able to contain the urge to change under the darkened sky. It was a small meadow not far from the lupine stronghold. Riza might think of herself as a guard but to him she was a female and he would treat her as such. She feared Gionne would not allow her to leave with him. Soon, he would have to speak with Gionne about Riza but today was for them alone.

Leon scouted the area and saw nothing amiss but he did spot a herd of does bedded down with their young. Fawns were a tasty treat but he had no heart for killing them. He preferred a buck or a doe without offspring. They could scout some more when Riza arrived. Striping off his shirt, Leon recited a prayer for the hunt. A prayer for safety and one of thanks for the animal that would give up its life to them. A slight sound alerted him to a presence moving closer.

He knew it was Riza. He could sense her nearness.

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His spine tingled as she neared. He would immediately realize how close she was to the full bloom of heat and he would forbid her to leave the safety of pack. He would forbid her to see Leon. As her alpha and brother, he had the right. The brisk morning air invigorated her step as she neared the clearing. She stopped, not wanting to interrupt as he stood stripped to the waist, his arms raised in what she knew was a prayer. The muscles in his back and shoulders flexed as he lowered his arms and her heat burned feverishly. Without turning, he called her name.

Jenna said you morph into a lion. I just know your experience with felines is limited. The day you held the dart gun on me. She had assumed Leon knew she was half-feline. Jenna had scented it immediately. She started to tell him and then stopped. It might be fun to keep her secret for a little while. I rather enjoyed taking you down. Having you beneath me, except for that horrible cologne you bathed in. Emil used it to cover his scent when he was trying to get rid of Jenna. I was trying to save your sister. Thank you.

Not many females would risk their lives that way. I bet I could take you down. Her pussy quaked as she watched his hand. She remembered the feel of his distended flesh and her fingers itched to reach for him. A feral grin split his face and she knew she was in trouble. Oh lord. This was a bad idea. The sinus infection affected him even in feline form and he could barely scent his little lupine but he heard the rustle of leaves as she approached.

The hair on his neck rose as she neared. The small dark wolf stopped at the tree line and a growl rumbled low in his chest as he licked his lips. The lupine approached, head up, ears twitching. She was sleek, shiny, beautiful, and he wanted her. She stopped in front of him and her emerald eyes met his. He shook his mane, fluffing his hair as he padded in a tight circle around her. He was over twice her size.

Her tail twitched nervously and he buried his nose in her backside, trying to get as much of her scent as possible. Feral Lust She trembled but her tail rose slightly, granting him access. She was wet and he licked at the building moisture. Her sweet, ripe taste fired his blood. His cock was heavy and dripping with pre-cum.

The beast was ready to take her—to make her his bitch. Lust rode the lion hard and he growled. With a roar, he postured and his chest pumped out.

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His tail twitched as he prepared to mount his bitch. The lupine shivered and he hesitated. Turning his head to one side, he blinked rapidly. The female was scared. He could sense her fear. With a growl, he shook his mane and stretched as he morphed back into human form. Kneeling at her side, he stroked the lupine and she turned wary eyes his way. Her back arched as transformation began. Wide, dazed eyes stared at him as her skin flushed. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 26, Sofia Sundfors rated it it was ok Shelves: shifters , romance , myth-creatures , sex , adult. This book was: okay. It wasn't special at all. I'm disappointed; and that cover The plot was: mediocre. The beginning was: "meh". The middle was: okay. The crescendo was: bad.

The characters were: not exactly static; but to me, it was a close call. The worldbuilding was: probably the only thing that worked seamlessly with the book as a whole. The language was The themes represented in the book were: meh. Would I recommend this book This book was: okay. Would I recommend this book? No, I would not recommend this book.

Ann Marie rated it really liked it Feb 22, Ronnie Anderson rated it liked it Feb 05, Carol rated it really liked it Aug 18, Burmesecat rated it it was ok Jun 18, Ellie Meachem rated it really liked it Aug 17, Daphne Marzana rated it liked it Feb 22, Jazz rated it liked it Jan 05, Tatum Marshall rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Missy Martine rated it really liked it Jun 16, Maria rated it it was ok Aug 25, Sara Atwood rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Kerry rated it really liked it Aug 26, I did notice recently that they no longer were.

Not sure what game version changed it to its current behavior. Same with Feral Spirit which makes enhancement shamans and Glyph of Feral Spirit weaker This includes elemental shaman totems also. Any news on this? This really is important for the enhancement and ele shamans and their dps output. Makes the shaman class weaker than it should be,. This has taken forever. There's proof and all that you require.

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